The Energy Saving Smart Home

August 2, 2014

Being ‘Smart’ with your Home

Smart homes are often seen as an expensive gadget to show off to your friends, but really the Smart thing about them is how much energy they could save you. By investing in any home automation system it is possible to actually lower your energy bills.

So, you’re probably wondering how investing in smart home technology could save you all this money? Well it can be achieved in both the installation process and the programming. When implementing any system into a home we feel it is important to focus on cutting down consumption. So if you currently have a room full of 50 Watt downlights then we can replace those with 5 Watt LED lamps, which will reduce your energy consumption in that installation by around 90% straight away. On top of that we could ensure that when you switch your lights to 100% brightness, what you are actually seeing is around 80% brightness, which to the naked eye with an LED lamp is hardly even noticeable. So that’s another 20% saved! You already have yourself an Energy Saving Smart Home!

An Energy Saving Smart Home using Climate Control

Another way to make sure that you cut down your bills is to control your heating or air con with an energy management system. An example would be to have sensors on each radiator valve that are controlled via a central control application on an iPad or touch screen panel. Times and temperatures can be set as you would normally set up a central heating system, or you could have them all reacting to changing weather conditions. Sensors can be placed outside to make sure that when there is a drastic change in temperature your home will adjust the temperature of each valve accordingly, without having to lift a finger. You can even have your climate system reacting to weather reports imported directly into the application via the internet.

By installing an energy management system from a company such as Savant (supplied in the UK by RGB), you could see a difference in the cost of your energy. Your system will be intelligently adjusting the temperature rather than having your heating or air con on at unnecessary times; and as a result giving you an energy saving smart home.