The Assisted Living Smart Home

September 27, 2014

Improve Your Quality of Life

An Assisted Living Smart Home can actually improve the quality of life and decision making for older adults and their families, and it’s not as expensive as you may think. We have teamed up with Idratek, suppliers of smart home technology that we believe compliment the assisted living solution due to the ease of use and low cost hardware. With an Assisted Living Smart Home it is important to take into account that the occupant may have no affinity for technology. Having a system that is simple to use and remotely accessible by family and friends provides peace of mind to everyone.

Assisted Living Smart Home Features

Here are just some of the different applications available:

  • – Automated lighting circuits that know if you are in the room, what the light levels are outside and what time of day it is. The user rarely has to touch any buttons as the lighting in the property follows them, knows which room they are in, and switches off lights behind them. At night a lower level of lighting can be present for that quick visit to the toilet to ensure that even the most bleary eyed are not blinded!
  • – Fully zoned automated heating that also knows if you are in the room and what the temperature is like outside. The heating will fluctuate in each room depending on where you are to ensure the user saves energy and rarely feels any need to adjust settings.
  • – Intercom facilities in all rooms including the bathroom means that the system can provide spoken reminders or alerts but also, more importantly for an assisted living smart home, it can allow certain outside communications from family members or carers to be routed hands free to any room without the occupant needing to touch a button.
  • – Security functions include the ability to access any connected components to simulate occupancy e.g. realistic lighting programs and TV control while the user is away on holiday. Local and external alerts and remote monitoring mean the user can constantly keep their property under surveillance. But security doesn’t just mean intruder detection, it also includes continuous environmental monitoring such as smoke detectors, over temperature detection, and abnormal patterns of activity or even inactivity.
  • – Electricity metering — mainly useful for the carer but can also provide alert functions such as ‘cooker left on’.
  • – Various annunciations and reminders from the intercom system can help memory. Previous customer’s have also remarked that these make the home feel more ‘alive and friendly’.
  • – Translation of complex sequences of TV control buttons into a single press reduce frustration – the carer can even assist remotely with TV controls.
  • – Even the humble bathroom extractor fan has now become intelligent! With delayed starts to avoid it coming on if you just pop in to wash your hands, to manual mode at night so that it doesn’t automatically activate during the quiet hours. It can even automatically extend the time it is on based on changes in humidity levels.

An Example Install and Cost:

This typical assisted living smart home installation in a 2 bedroom apartment costs approximately £5000, not a bad investment for comfortable living and complete peace of mind into your twilight years!