Affordable Smart Homes

July 18, 2014

Imaginise. Live Smarter.

A bit of a cheesy tag line? Myself and my business partner thought so when we first conjured it up! But when you break it down, it sums our company up quite well – Imagine it, Realise it, and as a result, Live Smarter.

Home Automation or Home Control is becoming more and more popular, but what people may not know is that affordable smart homes are now more of a reality. When I’ve asked people what they think a Smart Home is most have the image in their head that it’s an extremely expensive gadget that isn’t really necessary; reserved for the likes of the rich and the famous. Part of this image is true, as this technology CAN be a lot of fun; but there is far more to it.

Smart Home Technology is an investment much like Solar Panels were a few years back. By adding for example, a FibaroUK system into existing lighting, power and heating installations, it is possible to guarantee that our customers will cut down their energy usage. Their bills can be reduced by as much as 20-30%, as well as having a home that is intelligent to their needs.

You may be wondering how a home could possibly know what you need?! Well that’s all in the programming. Yes you can control your lights, heating and sockets from your iPad that is docked on your wall, or your home cinema system from your phone; but real automation is when you can have intelligent but affordable smart homes that look no different to how they did before.

Affordable smart homes – The Fibaro iPhone Application controlling home technology

The brains of the system is behind the scenes and can be programmed to react to things you do around the house. So if you want your porch lights to switch on and your LED lights behind your TV to glow red when someone rings the doorbell, then this is entirely possible with affordable smart homes. And it is not as expensive as you may think. You could have a sensor on your landing that only detects motion between 7 and 8am on a weekday, and if it does then your house assumes you are getting up for work and switches on the news on the kitchen TV whilst firing up the coffee machine.
The possibilities are literally endless.

So all that is left for you to do is Imagine what you could do with your home, allow us to Realise it for you, and as a result; Live Smarter.

But how affordable are Affordable Smart Homes?

Much less than you probably think! Plus you will see a decrease in your energy consumption! For more information about affordable smart homes contact us today.