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Climate Control

Climate Control systems provide customers with the luxury of being able to create the perfect temperature in their home without having to lift a finger. Heating systems, air conditioning systems, humidity control or underfloor heating can all be integrated into the system to work independently or together.

Automatic temperatures can be set to react to a climate change outside, or can even be linked via GPS to your phone to ensure that your home is at the required temperature for when you walk in the door. There is also the ability to adjust the climate via a touch panel, remote, tablet or even a smart phone whilst you are away from home, by using our Smart Home technology applications.

Heating and air conditioning can be installed using a number of discreet unit options, such as hidden grills or wall mounted art-cool which gives you the ability to conceal your air conditioning with your own pictures. This ensures that your climate control never detracts from the beauty of your living space.

Another benefit of our climate control systems is energy efficiency. Customers will be able to save money without any change in lifestyle as the intelligent smart systems can monitor both external and internal temperatures to ensure your heating operates only when necessary, rather than leaving it on all day.

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